USA VPN - Proxy VPN for USA


Vpn USA allows you to get a USA IP in one click and unblock access to restricted sites and applications. The secure and anonymous connection provides OpenVPN connection technology with OpenSSL key 2048 bits. Quick connection

Special features USA VPN

+ Free, unlimited and versatile.
+ Free VPN service, forever.
+ VPN without registration.
+ No traffic limitation.
+ Works with all types of connections.
+ Servers in all key countries.

# Unlocks blocked content
+ Unlocks content that's only available in the USA
+ Bypasses ISP blockers.
+ Bypasses regional restrictions, school, work, etc. firewalls.
+ Unlocks blocked sites.
+ Unblocks torrent (PRO version).

# Protects your privacy
+ Provides anonymous access to sites and applications.
+ Changes IP address.
+ Doesn't log, doesn't save information about you.

# Easy to operate, and convenient
+ We made two separate connection buttons for convenience. The first connects to the selected VPN in the list, the second connects directly to the American VPN server and you do not have to search for a server in the list.
+ Easy to manage, connect with just one click.
+ Looks for the nearest server - ping server list.
+ Looks for the server with the minimum number of connections.

Our servers.

The largest number of servers are in the USA, but the app also has servers in all key locations around the world, such as Germany, France, England, Netherlands, Singapore. The PRO version contains all the key countries plus more exotic locations such as Malaysia, Turkey, South Africa, Brazil, Spain, and many others.

VPN servers PRO.
Stable servers with a minimum number of clients, currently no more than three clients are connected to the servers. Servers are under our monitoring, and if there are more than ten clients, we will activate a new server.

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